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Важные обновления об открытиях комет от 15 января 2020 года:

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Новое открытие кометы сделаное Masayuki Iwamoto

The Central Bureau has received notifications from both I. Endoh (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Tokyo) and S. Nakano (Sumoto, Japan) of a comet discovery by Masayuki Iwamoto, Awa, Tokushima-ken, Japan, on two CCD frames taken on Jan. 8.86 UT with a 10-cm Pentax 400-mm-f.l. f/4.0 lens and a Canon EOS 6D camera. Nakano notes that the comet is very faint, making Nakano's measurements of the comet's position (tabulated below) difficult; the second position is particularly uncertain, he adds.

COMET C/2019 Y1 (ATLAS) M. Rudenko writes (MPEC 2020-A72) that J. Robinson informed the Minor Planet Center of a possible comet discovery made on CCD images taken with a 0.5-m reflector at Haleakala in the course of the "Asteroid Terrestrial-Impact Last Alert System" (ATLAS) search program (discovery observations tabulated below); the comet then showed a 20" condensed coma that was elongated in p.a. 80 degrees but "without a tail".
  2019 UT             R.A. (2000) Decl.       Mag.
     Dec. 16.22625   23 50 18.15   -40 27 18.4   17.9
          16.23086   23 50 17.66   -40 27 06.6   19.1
          16.23686   23 50 17.40   -40 26 51.2   20.1
          16.25411   23 50 16.43   -40 26 09.7   17.4
Daniel W. E. Green